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Last updated 10/16/2017

Bendix Radio Memoirs

PLEASE NOTE: The documents referenced here are the memories, opinions and observations of the writers (or interviewees) and do not represent the official position of the Bendix Radio Foundation or the Baltimore Museum of Industry.  We invite reader comments on the posted documents and, subject to Foundation Policy on Web Posting, may post your comments.

Fred Field Memoirs

Memoirs by P E Wright

Bendix TV in the Air Force

Early TCAS by E Reed

Early Bendix Radio by M Taylor

Stormy Weather by C Greenslit

Bendix Bean Counting in Baltimore

Project Mercury by D Saunders

Raytheon and Bendix

Bendix Radio Radar History

Graphic Arts History

India trip by F J Willey

Hallicrafters visit by Greenslit

Doug Feldwick's Memories

Bendix Radio York Division

Bendix Radio in WWII

Bendix Radio Air Force


Policy: Memoirs, Web Posting

Purpose – This policy contains guidelines used by the Bendix Radio Foundation (BRF) to establish the acceptability of an individual’s memoirs, or comment thereto, for posting on the Foundation’s Web.  Memoirs or comments thereto which are only intended to be placed in the Foundation’s collection and archived at the Baltimore Museum of Industry need not comply.

Memoir Guidelines – Memoirs prepared for posting should:
1. Be written in the first person such as, “I came to work at Bendix in . . .”; and
2. Include dates and names of programs, projects and individuals to the extent recalled; and
3. Generally be prepared in a chronological order; and
4. Reflect an objective and balanced account of events.
5. The use of profane, slanderous or false material is not appropriate and cannot be posted.
6. Length is 35-thousand bytes (see below).
7. For conclusions use, “In my opinion . . .” (see below).
Reader Feedback – Should be as specific and short as possible and comply with 4 and 5 above.
Length – Memoirs, including illustrations if any, should not exceed a file length of 35-thousand bytes (about seven pages).  If longer the memoirs will only be placed into the collection.  A shorter version may be submitted for posting if the author wishes to do so.
Conclusions – Non-documented or unsubstantiated conclusions should in general be avoided.  If the author strongly feels it is necessary to include a conclusion, it shall be clearly stated as an opinion, for example, “In my opinion such and such was the situation.”
Procedure – Memoirs may be submitted to the stated BRF email address.  One or more individual(s) on the Foundation’s Board or committee member(s) will review the submission against this policy and make a recommendation to the Board for posting or not posting.  If, in the view of the Foundation Board, the submission does not meet the policy guidelines it will be placed into the collection and the author notified.  If the author wishes to rewrite and resubmit, the Foundation will review for a second time and if necessary for a third and final time.
Transfer of Copyright - Once submitted the author agrees that by doing so he or she transfers all rights for use of the materials to the Bendix Radio Foundation and the Baltimore Museum of Industry for posting on the web, and incorporation into other materials.