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December 10, 2013

New TCAS Book

2013 Members

Audio/Visual Photo Collection Index

Bendix Radio Foundation Contibutors

The following people have generously supported the Bendix Radio Foundation with contributions of various memorabilia from the 61 year history of this operation in the Baltimore area. These contributions have allowed the BRF to sort, catalog, and index all the collection material, place collection information on our website and to prepare and display various BRF Exhibits in the Baltimore area. We thank all for your past support and ask that you continue your support in the future.  

Please keep the BRF in mind if any other memorabilia is available to be contributed. It all goes toward completing the vast history of this operation that so many enjoyed. Remember: nothing is “Too Small”!

If you have something you would like to contribute please see the CONTACT section 

Allen, Mary
Bacque, Cramer
Baker, Dottie
Ballard, Gary
Barnold, Steve
Baxley, Carl
Bosse, Len
Brandt, Peppy
Bruno, Joseph
Calvert, Ed Jr
Carpenter, Bruce
Chilcoate, Gary
Church, Candy
Coburn, Ada
Cordry, Bert
Cordry, Karen
Cowett, Phil
Crenson, Gus
Dalmas, James
Dayhoff, Charlie
DeFelice, Orlando
Del Bianco, Frank
DelNegro, Angelo
Doda, Pauline
Dominick, Edward
Driver, Fran
Durling, Bob
Dyer, Terry
Eder, Ken
Edquist, Hal
Erskine, Dave
Erskine, Don
Etzal, Jim
Fader, Marjory
Feldwick, Doug
Furness, Wayne
Gentzler, Nancy
Gerber, Carla
Gerber, Kathy
Gill, John Jr
Graffis, Les
Grieb, Herbert
Gunther, Bud
Hale, Ruth
Harding, Randy
Harvill, James
Hause, Lou
Hedeman, William
Heffener, Don
Hieber, John
Hilsher, Bob
Honeycutt, Mrs John
Honeywell Avionics
Horning, Al
Hosier, Joseph
Huntington, Dave
Irwin, Dave
Jackson, Harold
Jakuta, Bill
Jenkins, Bob
Johnson, Wally
Jordan, Dutch
Kehne, Dave
Kidd, Ken
Klein, Eward
Knott, Larry
Kolb, Gene
Krause, George
Kunz, William
Lane, Elaine
Laycock, Mrs Deane
Lepore, Donna
Levine, Mrs Sol
Long, Jr. George

Long, Sr. Clair E.
Lotz, George
Lotz, Joe
Maciag, John
Mackey, Bill
Mackey, Neil
Maenner, Bob
Maenner, Ken
Mall, Aaron
Malwitz, Earl & Leonard
Manley, Bill
Martin, Ed
McComas, Art
McCormick, Joe
McDonald, Don
McGee, Charles
Mead, Jerome
Mogowski, Walter
Morton, Pete
Nenortas, Gene
Nessell, Harry
Oakes, Elton
Oberender, Evelyn
O'Connor, Jim
Olive, Mike
Oursler, Chris
Paskalakis, Luke
Pausé, Betty
Perich, Bill
Pile, Clarke
Pribble, Noble
Pulford, William
Putnam, Janet
Rasch, Charles
Raytheon, Communications Division
Reed, William
Resau, Howard
Rodgers, George
Rodgers, John
Roycroft, John Jr
Santora, Robert
Saunders, Donald
Sauthoff, George
Savatgy, Evan
Scott, Bill
Sebring, Jim
Senger, Fred
Shagena, Jack
Sigismondi, Bill
Sikora, Bob
Singman, Loretta
Sinsky, Allan
Smearman, Charles
Standiford, Jim
Stefan, Robert
Stotz, Bill
Stroosynder, Pete
Taylor, Malcolm
Thompson, John
Thompson, Lillian
Triolo, Frank
Vogt, Guil
Walch, Rudy
Walker, Buddy
Walter, George
Waltz, Janet
Webb, Lee
Wells, Bill
Wend, George
Williams, Clyde
Woodall, Jerry
Zimmerer, Mary

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