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Last updated 10/16/2017

Bendix Radio Foundation Financial Donors

The following people have graciously supported the Bendix Radio Foundation during our operation with financial donations. These donations have allowed the BRF to sort, catalog, and index all the collection material, place collection information on our website and to prepare and display various BRF Exhibits in the Baltimore area. We thank all for your past support and ask that you continue your support in the future.

Our long term goal is to be able to provide an Endowment to the Baltimore Museum of Industry to provide continuing support of the BRF Collection after the BRF Volunteers cease support. Anything you can do to support this effort will be beneficial to the longevity of the BRF Collection.

Beck, Mary
Bollinger, Edward
Boggs, Browning
Bosse, Leonard L.
Bostion, Bill
Bowen, Jack
Chapman, Jacob D.
Chilton, C. Benjamin
Church, Candy
Church, G. Michael
Church, George W.
Cox, Richard M.
Creager, Robert M.
Dalmas, James E.
Davis, Maria
Davison, Frederick A.
DeFelice, Richard T.
DeFelice, Rosmonda
DeFelice, Orlando R.
DelNegro, Angelo L.
Doda, Pauline K.
Driver, Mary F.
Dyer, Terry B.
Edquist, Harold W.
Elloff, Marge
Evans, Ada
Garrison, C. P.
Gerlach, Ed
Fogarty, John P.
Fogarty, Candy
Haley, Fred
Hause, Louis M.
Heer, William

Heffner, Donald
Heller, Paul H.
Hieber, John E.
Hilsher, Robert
Kroat, Edward W.
Jaffa, Samuel
Jordan, John Jr.
Jordan, Santina A.
Kidd, Kenneth W.
Lamb, Martha C.
Lamb, Wilfred
Levin, Charles J.
Long, George F. Jr.
Longstreth, Jack
Lyons, Bernie
Mackey, William R
Maenner, Robert
Mager, Irving Jr.
Mager, Faye J.
Mahoney, Kathleen
Martin, Edmund
McComas, Arthur & June McCormick, Joseph
McGill, Robert L.
Mihm, Betty
Moeller, Alvin W.
Olive, Mike
Parker, Glassell
Pausé, Betty E.
Piet, Stanley
Poet, Kenneth E.
Purple, Bill
Rafferty, Charles

Reed, J. Emory
Rodgers, John W
Sanders, Don & Nancy
Sauthoff, George J.
Schmidt, Charles T.
Scott, Joe
Scott, William A.
Shagena, Jack L.
Sheridan, Philip
Showalter, William M
Showalter, Margit T.
Sinsky, Allen I.
Sipos, Jon
Sisson, Bill
Smearman, Charles
Snyder, Gene A.
Soares, Catherine & Manuel
Stefan, Robert S.
Stotz, William
Strong, Oliver W.
Tribble, Ken
Truffer, Arthur C.
Vogt, Guilfred L.
Walker, John B.
Walter, George M.
Waltz, Janet
Weingarten, Murray
Williams, Clyde F.
Wood, Hal
Woodall, Phillip J.
Zimmerman, B J

Last Updated: October 5, 2008